THE BRONX - A rally was held Wednesday on the what would have been the 23rd birthday of a Bronx man who took his life last year after spending three years on Rikers Island.

Akeem Browder, the brother of Kalief Browder, led the rally outside the Bronx County Hall of Justice to send a message that many believe there is a lack of justice.

Browder says his brother's time on Rikers Island changed him. Kalief Browder's alleged physical abuse by correctional officers and other inmates was captured on surveillance video.

Browder's supporters set up piñatas to represent officials who they claim are partly responsible for his suicide.

"The system who beat Kalief, the piñatas are now going to be beaten and there are three piñatas," Akeemsay. "One is de Blasio, the mayor, one is Cuomo, the governor and one is Ponte the commissioner."

Inside some of the piñatas were pictures of other people that supporters felt the justice system neglected.