THE BRONX - Bronx residents will be able to explore more this summer thanks to NYC EDC's Randall’s Island Connector, which is set to open on 132nd Street in Port Morris.

Landscape architect Mark Johnson of Civitas is working with New York Restoration Project and city agencies to make the Connector more accessible by hopefully adding protected bike lanes and pedestrian walkways in the nearby areas.

Johnson says it will not only help people explore all Randall’s Island Park has to offer, but it will help combat health issues like obesity and asthma.

“Giving people opportunities to walk and bike to green spaces and to the river will help improve their health,” he said.

But Johnson says there is one problem -- the entrance to the connector is in the middle of a very industrial area.

“It's terrific that this connector is happening and almost ready, but now there's more to do. How do we get people from their homes to this connector, to get them to the water, to get them to the island?”