NEW YORK - A Rolling Stone article titled "Rape on Campus" was forced to be retracted on Sunday, opening up a conversation about how it will impact future rape victims. 

The story was first published in Nov. 2014 describing a brutal gang rape at a University of Virginia frat house. However, it was pulled after a police investigation found no evidence to prove the alleged story, and following criticism from the Columbia University School of Journalism about how it was reported and edited. 

Some advocates for rape victims say the retraction is worrisome because it may deter rape survivors from coming forward. News 12 spoke with Safe Horizon, a victims assistance organization, about the ordeal. 

Safe Horizon representatives say that sexual assault victims already face many barriers because often they aren't believed when they first speak out. They hope the Rolling Stone article doesn't discourage anyone because they say the majority of rape allegations are true, with only a small percentage turning out to be fabricated. 

Safe Horizon also wants all victims to know that there are supportive places where they can feel comfortable asking for help and telling their story.