THE BRONX - A rat infestation at a local park has nearby residents frustrated.

Tenants at 2167 Crotona Ave. say that they have been dealing with rats in their trash and the strong odor they leave behind in Belmont Park.

They say they have called 311 and the Parks Department numerous times, to no avail.

Tenants reached out to News 12 and while the crew was on the scene, the Parks Department put out poison and trimmed the trees where the rats live.

However, the super of the building says it isn't enough to take care of the infestation.

The Parks Department says it has cleaned Belmont Park every day and is working with the Health Department on the issue. It adds that no amount of cleaning or baiting will be enough if people continue to litter in the park.

A meeting has been planned in the near future for the residents and Community Board Six about the rat problem.