THE BRONX - Priests, imams and rabbis gathered at the Riverdale Jewish Center Friday to hold an interfaith service and denounce an alleged terrorist plot that targeted the Jewish house of worship.

The Riverdale congregation welcomed three of the city's well-known Muslim religious leaders two days after police and the FBI arrested four terror suspects. The men are accused of attempting to bomb the Riverdale Jewish Center and the Riverdale Temple. Investigators also say the men wanted to shoot down military aircraft at an air base near Newburgh.

"The terrorists, they don't have any religion," says Imam Sakhwat Hussain. "They are against God, and they are against human beings."

On Friday, NYPD cruisers continued to patrol Riverdale. Police officers were also posted outside the Jewish center. State officials allocated funds to maintain high levels of security in the area for the foreseeable future.