THE BRONX - A new report is offering solutions to keep students from dropping out of school.

The report by the New Settlement Parent Action Committee focuses on ways to improve schools and keep students engaged. It surveyed 400 students and parents for the report.

The group found that instead of going to administrators, social workers and guidance counselors with issues, students are turning to their friends. Organizers say that could change if schools implement five solutions, which include investing in student and parent leadership.

Those solutions also include more support for disengaged students, expanding the role of social workers and increasing transparency about where budgets are being spent to help students.

Along with releasing the report, group members also held training in restorative practice, an alternative to suspensions, arrests and summonses.

Group members tell News 12 that they want the recommendations to become a reality and are calling on educators, policymakers and member of the community to work alongside them.