HUNTS POINT - Hunts Point is ripe for a Metro-North station, according to a new report by the nonprofit Regional Plan Association.

RPA found more Bronx commuters are taking buses and subways out of Hunts Point, and co-author Nicolas Ronderos believes that won't change anytime soon.

"A lot of underutilized land ? will be redeveloped. Expect 3,000 new housing units in the area," Ronderos said of an expected population increase.

The report also suggested existing railroad tracks in Hunts Point would eliminate the need to build new tracks for the project.

Metro-North officials are also eyeing Co-op City and Parkchester as potential station sites.

Supporters backing the Hunts Point location argue a station would create job opportunities for Bronx residents looking for work in Westchester County and Connecticut. A Hunts Point station would serve an estimated 2,200 riders during the peak morning period.

Construction of the new station, under Mayor Michael Bloomberg's PlaNYC initiative, depends on additional capacity at Penn Station. The additional capacity will become available after the MTA allows Long Island Rail Road trains to divert to Grand Central Terminal in 2013.