SOUNDVIEW - A new report is shedding light on immigrants' working status, especially their struggle to make decent wages. The study, issued by the Fiscal Policy Institute, says there are approximately 1.4 million immigrant workers in New York City, making up 47 percent of the city's workforce. It also adds that immigrant workers are nearly twice as likely to earn minimum wage when compared to native-born workers. Juan Quizhpi, who says he left Ecuador in 1999 to pursue a better life in the United States, says his pay barely makes ends meet, but is more than he ever would have made in his home country. "The dream, the hope to push your family forward," Quizphi says. "I have that memory in my heart. That gives me the strength to keep fighting." Despite initially low wages, however, many immigrants in The Bronx say they have worked their way to running businesses of their own.