MORRIS PARK - It's all going downhill, Morris Park residents say.

A cracked, uneven sidewalk on Colden Avenue is reportedly getting worse, three months after the community reported the issue to authorities.

The fact that the section in question is already narrow doesn't help, according to residents who live nearby and people who walk through the area frequently.

Residents say they believe the problem began in the spring. Community Board 11 says the city did testing for a storm water management project. Then a car crash left the concrete crumbling.

Residents say their calls to 311 and local politicians have gone unanswered. In addition to the safety hazard of a broken sidewalk, residents report rats and possums coming from the cracks.

In correspondence with the community board, the Department of Environmental Protection says engineers will investigate and resolve the issue.

News 12 reached out to the DEP for an update but has not yet received a response.