THE BRONX - Bronx residents living near the intersection of Wills Avenue and East 149th Street say K2 is becoming a problem in their neighborhood.

The locals call it 'K2 Alley,' an area they say many use the synthetic drug K2 to get high. Their cries for concern come after 33 people were hospitalized in Brooklyn for overdosing on K2.  

The drug which is illegal in New York, comes in colorful packages and goes by many names on the street like smack, slick and black giant. 

Last year, more than 80 grocery stores across the city were raided for K2 in an FBI crackdown. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio had a strong message for bodega owners who are selling K2. "We're going to shut down any stores that are doing this. I want all the stores to understand that if you are selling this drug we have the ability to shut you down. We will take away your livelihood and I hope that is a clear warning and yes, help is on the way to any neighborhood that is afflicted," the mayor said at a press conference.

City officials says they are working aggressively to tackle the K2 problem in New York City by reaching out to  the Health Department, police and outreach programs  to warn New Yorkers about the dangers of synthetic marijuana.