THE BRONX - A shopping cart, beer bottles and piles of garbage are just some of the items Bronx residents say are floating in a popular neighborhood pond.

Resident Marc Perry is disgusted at how the pond at Crotona Park looks. He says that turtles, fish and other animals can barely move around because of the extremely thick algae that's covering the pond's surface.

Perry claims the pond is rarely cleaned. Other parkgoers News 12 spoke with say they would like to see the pond cleaned and better maintained because summer is almost here and more people will be visiting the area.

The Parks Department says that the pond contains high levels of phosphorous, which leads to heavy algae growth. They say that the plant organisms in the pond may not be pleasant to look at, but they aren't dangerous to the pond's aquatic life.

The park is working on getting a specialized skimmer boat to remove more of the organisms.