PELHAM BAY - New developments in Pelham Bay are shaking up the quiet community, and long-term residents are not too thrilled with the new changes.

Residents say the construction site at 17-01 Parkview Ave. is an eyesore. They say the seven-story building that is currently being constructed seems foreign since the neighborhood consists of private homes.

People rallied Wednesday against the construction. They say the building will cause overcrowding in schools and on the streets, the latter due to limited parking spaces.

Officials say the apartment building is just one of three buildings under construction in the area.

Protesters say the overdevelopment in their community needs to stop, adding that Pelham Bay is not a dumping ground. They also say that local leaders have not been very helpful in putting an end to the overdevelopment problem plaguing the area.

News 12 sat down with Councilman James Vacca, who says he's doing as much as he can to rectify the issue. Vacca says he's been checking the Department of Building's website and will be analyzing and dissecting each and every application.

He also says he has requested audits, like the one at 17-01 Parkview Ave. He says the audit at the site requires a redesign.

The developers at Parkview Avenue and at 31-09 Buhre Ave. tell News 12 that they've followed all city codes during the construction processes. They also say that there will be plenty of available parking spaces.