THE BRONX - Residents near Westchester Avenue are fed up with a slow-moving MTA construction project that’s been hindering their everyday lives for over six months.

The construction of the Pelham 6 subway line, which started in July 2014, was expected to finish this February, but the MTA is running behind schedule due to the unexpected deterioration of some of the station’s steel structures.

The MTA has also been storing its construction equipment on both sides of the street near the Buhre Avenue station on Westchester Avenue, taking up parking spots for three or four blocks.

Some business owners near the construction site say that their stores have been suffering because there’s no place for customers to park.

Councilman James Vacca says that he has asked the MTA to simply tidy up their work area.

The MTA told News 12 The Bronx that it has started removing equipment and will continue doing so over the next few weeks as work winds down.