THE BRONX - Some residents say the new Yankee Stadium plans are anything but a home run.

Residents living near the work site say dust in the air from the construction is making breathing an issue and coughing a habit. Health concerns aren't the only issues on the minds of fans in the area, however.

The plans for the new Yankee Stadium include a number of flashy, upscale amenities. Some believe additions like a steakhouse and martini bar are too ritzy for a baseball game.

"I would see the game and probably just buy a beer ? that's it," says Carlos Ovalle, who works near the site.

Excitement over the new stadium is also being squelched by traffic concerns and fears of higher ticket prices.

Construction on the stadium is slated for completion in April 2009. Recent estimates put the total cost at $1.3 billion, up from the original estimate of $800 million.

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