THE BRONX - Some Bronx residents are demanding the city step in and accelerate safety measures at a so-called dangerous intersection.

Residents say drivers fly down Beach Avenue without stopping or looking. They also say the intersection of Beach Avenue and Archer Street is especially dangerous. Pedestrians have to run across the street or face the possibility of getting hit by a car, according to residents.

Those who live in the area say the presence of a crosswalk does not deter drivers from speeding. Parents are especially worried because they say many children play outside near the intersection.

Residents are demanding a change, such as the addition of a stoplight, a stop sign or a speed bump.

The Department of Transportation says there have been no reported accidents at the intersection in the past 5 years and no fatalities or injuries. However, the department says it will study the area to see if more traffic devices are needed because there is a school nearby.