THE BRONX - Some residents say they are unable to enjoy parkland due to construction along the Pelham Parkway.

Chain-link fences were put up as part of the project to revamp the Pelham Parkway Malls from Boston Road to Wallace Avenue.

The Parks Department says the goal is to create a safe, attractive and recreational space for pedestrians to use.

The million-dollar project will replace park paths, add benches and replant foliage.

Some residents say the project could have been completed in sections, without enclosing areas of greenery all at once. Local business owners say they are losing customers as well.

The Parks Department says construction will be completed by March 2018.

The department responded to community concerns by saying, "NYC Parks is rebuilding Pelham Parkway to provide better recreational space for pedestrians, cyclists, runners and other parkgoers. But because we're working on many different areas simultaneously, the whole area needs to be fenced in for safety."

The Parks Department also says Community Board 11 approved the project, but that does not satisfy some residents who say they were never properly consulted about putting up the fences.