THE BRONX - Residents who live on East 161st Street on the Grand Concourse say that street vendors are operating illegally in their neighborhood and creating a safety hazard.

Resident Carmen Vega-Rivera says the vendors are in front of her building every day, and they are obstructing the sidewalk. Vega-Rivera is disabled and has to take Access-A-Ride multiple times a day, but says vendors block the curb.

Residents also say the vendors are blocking fire hydrants.

The local Business Improvement District says the vendors, some unlicensed, are violating city regulations and should not be there.

"This is what's called a Zero Visibility zone," says Cary Goodman, executive director of the 161st Street BID. "Because of our proximity to Yankee Stadium and the courts and the Borough Hall, there aren't supposed to be any vendors on the street."

Community Board 4 told News 12 that it is working with city agencies to address the issue.

The NYPD says it arrested one of the vendors earlier in the week for trademark counterfeiting and violation of local law.