KINGSBRIDGE HEIGHTS - Some Kingsbridge Heights residents say speeding cars are a serious threat in their neighborhood and they are calling for a change.

Residents say cars come barreling down Bailey Avenue near 225th Street without any regard for pedestrians. Many parents are concerned about their children crossing the street to get to school. Some parents say they even have to direct traffic to keep their kids safe.

According to police, there was a fatal hit-and-run accident in the intersection last week. Residents say something needs to be done before someone else gets hurt. They are calling for a stop sign or a traffic light.

The Department of Transportation says there has to be five preventable accidents within 12 months before making any changes to the roads. The DOT adds that it inspected the area in March and a request for an all-way stop sign was denied because it didn?t meet any requirements.

Residents say if nothing can be done on the road, they would like to see more police officers handing out speeding tickets.