THE BRONX - Melrose residents walked out during an advisory board meeting Monday after being told the men's homeless shelter in their neighborhood will remain open.

Residents called the meeting a waste of time and left without answers to their questions regarding safety measures. Instead, they say the Department of Homeless Services focused on getting the community to live in peace with the people at the shelter.

Community members say the shelter has been a headache since January, when the men were put there under Code Blue regulations, which is implemented amid dangerously cold temperatures.

Concerns among residents include finding men in their buildings, sleeping on park benches and acting inappropriately in front of others.

The director of a shelter in Wakefield was killed last month by a former client, which has also put residents on edge.

DHS officials say the shelter's lease is up in June, but it plans on extending its contract for another year. People living in the area say they will not give up their fight until the shelter is gone for good.