THE BRONX - A Bronx man who was freed in March after spending 20 years in prison returned to court Friday to maintain his innocence in a 1996 slaying.

Richard Rosario asked the court to wait on the dismissal of his case because he says he is not yet satisfied with the proceedings.

As News 12 has previously reported, a judge vacated Rosario's sentence in March at the request of Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark. Rosario has always maintained his innocence and says 13 witnesses placed him in Florida at the time of the murder. Rosario's lawyers claim police never contacted the alibi witnesses.

He was convicted in the 1996 shooting death of a teenager named Jorge Collazo, and could face a new trial.

The judge, who appeared stunned by the request, called it "very unusual" and asked Rosario if he understood that the open homicide case would still hang over his head.

Rosario called the court proceedings "an insult."

"I'm willing to go the distance for the truth, which is that I'm innocent," he says.

Some of Collazo's family members were also in the courtroom. His father accused Rosario of lying.