RIVERDALE - Residents in a quiet residential Riverdale neighborhood are voicing their aggravation over noise and rowdy behavior that they say is coming from local college kids.

The residents say Manhattan College students living in off-campus housing disturb people almost every night. They say not only are they noisy, but they have been spotted urinating on buildings, vomiting in the streets and littering. One News 12 viewer captured video that depicts exactly what residents are angry about.

People in the area say they have asked college officials to put security officers up and down 238th Street and Waldo Avenue, but that has not happened.

College officials say they are doing what they can to help. Officials say they have fined students and are working with the 50th Precinct to increase patrols in the area.

Students have been reminded by college officials of the good neighbor policy, which states that they be respectful both on and off campus.