THE BRONX - A new study has ranked the Bronx as the worst county in New York State when it comes to health and well-being.  

According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the borough is lagging behind among 62 counties on important quality of life categories, including the crime rate, unemployment, obesity and smoking. 

The report found a high number of unnecessary hospital visits, with 16 percent of residents being uninsured. Obesity is another major health concern as 23 percent of the Bronx population is overweight. 

In the social portion of the study, it says that the borough has an unemployment rate just under 10 percent. It also states that 40 percent of Bronx kids are raised in single parents households, and 35 percent are living in poverty. 

The foundation ranked Livingston County in upstate New York as the healthiest and most economically stable area in the state.