THE BRONX - A rock group of self-taught musicians says it is thankful to call the Bronx their home.  

The band Quantum Split has toured around the world from Africa to Brooklyn’s very own Afro-punk festival, but their affinity to the Bronx is dynamic. 

The band's drummer Anthony Anderson says he was just like any kid growing up in the Bronx, and he knew that he wanted to be successful.

He shared the dream of success with a guitarist named Adrian Read, a native of the Dominican Republic who grew up in the Bronx. 

Influenced by the sounds of hard rock and hip-hop, the two knew they needed more than just instruments to be successful and so they met Soleil Laurent, the band’s vocalist.

The trio hasn't looked back since, and even though Read admits a rock band isn't something you would expect to see in the Bronx, it's something the band channels through their music.