THE BRONX - A Bronx mother says the apartment she lives in on East Clarke Place is slowly killing her daughter and she has not received help from the building's management.

Rosa Nivar says lint is not only covering the floors and walls of her apartment, but it's also pouring out of the air vents. Nivar claims doctors have told her the lint is to blame for her 20-year-old daughter Aisha's poor health since they moved in in 2007.

Nivar says in the past few years, her daughter has been hospitalized numerous times, has been intubated nine times and had a collapsed lung. One letter from St. Luke's Hospital specifically says, "Her apartment conditions have severely affected her health in an adverse manner."

Nivar has stacks of photos and papers that she says documents her complaints to building management Lemle and Wolff and the city, but says nothing has been done. The head of Lemle and Wolff, Joe Zitolo, tells News 12 The Bronx he has never heard anything about this before and if he had, it would have been fixed.