THE BRONX - A large camper was taking up too much space on East Tremont Avenue this summer until News 12 Bronx stepped in to help.

The roomy Star Chase RV was parked across from a car dealership on the avenue in a place where employees use to park their cars. Employees say parking is a constant problem in the area, even without the presence of the RV, which they say was parked on the avenue for more than a month.

"Honestly, I don't mind them taking up the spots, but when it interferes with my job, if it's been there for more than a month, it's a hassle around it every day," says Dennis Foster, of Milea Auto Group.

After making complaints to 311 and getting nowhere, News 12 contacted police to ask why the illegally parked vehicle wasn't towed.

Police responded on Monday with one sentence: "The RV will be towed."

News 12 stopped by East Tremont Avenue on Tuesday to find that the RV was still there. Employees at the dealership said that later in the day, a man got into the large vehicle and drove away.