THE BRONX - Many Bronx residents are being extra cautious after a string of random slashings in the city in recent months.

This past week, a slashing occurred on the No. 6 train at 116th Street in East Harlem. Two other people were also slashed in separate incidents while riding the subway only days before.

Police say one slashing incident happened a few days ago on the No. 3 train in Brooklyn. Witnesses say a men threatened to chop up a woman with a machete. Police say he then cut her hand.

The New York Times reported at least nine other people have been randomly slashed either on the subway or on the street in recent months.

The NYPD has released a list of tips to follow for those who feel they may be in danger.

Police say, if possible, to use subway entrances where there is a clerk all hours of the day.

They also say to be sure to choose a well-populated and well-lit route, adding that if someone feels as if they are being followed, they should walk into the nearest store and ask for help.

Lastly, police advise the public to let go of their purse or wallet if someone is trying to steal it, especially if that person has a weapon.

They say the No. 1 tip is to alert the authorities if any suspicious activity is witnessed.