THE BRONX - The woman accused of leaving her dog home alone without food and water for days is pushing to get her Yorkie back.

Sasha Diaz, 23, says the incident was blown out of proportion.

Police have accused Diaz of leaving the dog home alone while she went on an eight-day cruise last month.

Her landlord's girlfriend reported the incident, telling police she heard the dog whimpering inside the apartment.

Police seized the dog and transferred it to the ASPCA.

Diaz says she wants to regain custody of her 2-year-old Yorkie, Troy, who means the world to her.

Diaz says she came home and discovered Troy missing. She says her friend was scheduled to check on the dog daily while she was gone and claims her landlord and his girlfriend are setting her up over a prior dispute.

The friend also told News 12 that there was an arrangement to check in on Troy, but the landlord says surveillance video shows no one coming by.

Diaz is facing a misdemeanor charge in connection with the incident.