THE BRONX - A school janitor has been arrested after police say he sexually assaulted a teenage girl while on the job in the Bronx. 

Police say a report of the abuse was filed at the Morris Educational Campus on Boston Road.

Police say 67-year-old Trevor U. Bernard was arrested after he grabbed a 15-year-old girl inside an elevator on the campus and held, hugged and kissed her.

When the teen pushed Bernard away, police say he kissed her on the neck. According to police, the teen broke free and ran away to get help. 

The Morris Educational Campus houses four small high schools, and police did not say which school the incident occurred. 

A spokesperson from the Department of Education says, "This is a deeply troubling allegation, and this employee has been re-assigned pending the resolution of the case.” 

Bernard is facing sexual abuse charges as well as endangering the welfare of a child.