ALBANY - (AP) - U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer is seeking anaudit of all tour bus operators in New York following a fatal tourbus crash a week ago in New York City.

The New York Democrat is asking the state Department of MotorVehicles to do the audit.

The Cuomo administration has already mounted stepped-up spotchecks of tour buses since the crash. The checks have forcedseveral buses and drivers out of service.

Schumer says he's particularly concerned about drivers forlow-cost tours often to casinos.

Schumer applauded Cuomo's efforts to increase unannouncedinspections and says the DMV audit of drivers will augment thateffort.

The Cuomo administration said records show the driver in theBronx crash had violations under an alias and his drivingprivileges were suspended under another name.

The administration had no immediate comment.