THE BRONX - Secretive British graffiti artist Banksy has struck again in the Bronx.

His newest installation was discovered at East 153rd Street and Elton Avenue in Melrose on Monday.

The graffiti shows a butler bringing a little boy cans of spray paint, and it appears the boy is tagging the wall with the words "Ghetto 4 Life."

Some Bronx residents told News 12 that the characterization of the Bronx as “ghetto” is offensive.

“It brings a very old message about what the Bronx used to be all about 45 years ago,” said one resident.

The work is part of Banksy's monthlong residency in New York City, with artwork popping up across the five boroughs. A life-sized Ronald McDonald statue getting its shoe shined by a real person showed up in the South Bronx just last week.