Security cameras coming to Pelham Parkway Houses

Tenants say the cameras should have been installed after a brutal murder in 2012. (6/13/14)

THE BRONX - Security cameras are slated to be installed in dozens of New York City Public Housing Authority buildings, starting with one complex in the Bronx.
City officials say that the Pelham Parkway Houses will see the first round of camera installations. Tenants there say it's a security measure that is long overdue.
As News 12 has reported, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a plan this week to speed up security system installations in NYCHA buildings citywide. The mayor announced $27 million in funding for the upgrades.
NYCHA is scheduled to install new cameras in 49 housing developments by the end of 2014.

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Will cameras help reduce crime in NYCHA buildings?

Yes No

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