NEW YORK - A New York State senator is pushing for new legislation that could help families with autistic children in response to the death of 14-year-old Avonte Oquendo.

Sen. Charles Schumer appeared with the teenager's mother over the weekend to announce Avonte's Law, which would require the federal government to provide money for GPS tracking devices to be worn by kids with autism.

The device would be similar to what some Alzheimer's patients use, and would alert authorities if a child leaves a designated area. It’s estimated to cost about $85, in addition to a monthly fee.

Schumer says that the legislation would prevent Oquendo's tragic death from happening again. The boy had been missing since he ran out of his Queens school in the middle of the day back in October, but his remains were found along an East River shore nearly two weeks ago.

Investigators have not yet determined a cause of death.