THE BRONX - A senior citizen with stage 4 lung cancer says the conditions at her NYCHA building are deteriorating her health.

Ana Ramos, 74, says she has contacted the NYCHA several times, but that the problem is just getting worse. Ramos says her bathroom is so moldy that its making it hard to breath.

Ramos' granddaughter says filthy water has been seeping into the apartment for years and that the rotting walls are impacting Ramos' health.

In addition to the mold in the bathroom, Ramos says water and trash gush into her apartment from a canopy outside her window. A representative from the NYCHA says the canopy is cleaned every two weeks, but Ramos' granddaughter says she's the one that's been cleaning it.

Ramos also claims that a housing inspector said the heater was a little loose, but that no repairs have been made. According to Ramos, the heater hasn't worked since she moved there in 1988.

Ramos' granddaughter says they have asked a judge to order repairs be made.