THE BRONX - Friday marked a special day for students at Validus Preparatory Academy as they signed, sealed and sent their college applications.

Seniors lined the street, along with their cheering classmates, on Bathgate Avenue to march down from the school to a post office truck that was waiting to take their applications.

Nearly 100 students made the walk to send off their applications to a long list of schools located all over the country. That includes many CUNY and SUNY schools and out-of-state schools such as Vanderbilt, University of Maryland, Amherst and Dartmouth.

Now that the applications have been handed off to the postal truck, students must play the waiting game until they receive a decision from their prospective schools. The seniors say they are feeling very optimistic due to all the support they have received.

The school has held the event for the past two years. School officials say about 75 percent of their graduating class sends off at least one college application. They are hoping that, with encouraging events such as this, they can bump that number even higher.

Underclassmen seem to be inspired by the event. One student said, "It motivates me to make good choices and to get into a good college."