THE BRONX - A Bronx man had his scooter stolen from his Bainbridge Avenue home on the evening of his graduation.

Carlo Mauriello says the silver Malaguti scooter was given to him as a gift from his father in 2003. Mauriello says the scooter was worth $6,000 but the sentimental value is far greater.

Police say three suspects managed to steal the scooter in spite of two surveillance cameras, a guard dog and a security system at the home.

Surveillance footage shows a group of three men approaching the home. One of them struggles with the bike lock until the two accomplices help him roll the scooter into the back of a white van, turn off the headlights and drive away.

Mauriello said that his parents worked very hard for such an expensive gift, and he's shocked that someone could come take it from him.

The scooter has since been recovered by police, but it was found destroyed.