THE BRONX - ? Residents at 550 Cauldwell Ave. say they?re sickened by the smell of sewage that?s been penetrating the building.

Residents of the New York City Housing Authority building say their lobby reeks and is constantly damp with brown sewage. According to residents, the sick sludge streams from the building, underground and out into the parking lot. One resident claims the stench reaches her apartment on the eighth floor, making it impossible for her to eat dinner.

The building captain believes the problem lies in a pipe room on the ground floor. Although the room is supposed to remain locked at all times, tenants say it was left open. News 12 The Bronx found the water to be clogged at least a foot deep.

Representatives from the NYCHA say they?re aware of the problem and are dispatching a contractor to fix it. However, tenants are calling for a permanent solution. They also say they?re angry it?s taken the housing authority so long to respond.