HUNTS POINT - The New York City Health Department is reporting impressive numbers after an initiative was put in place to get delis and supermarkets to offer healthier food options.

Delis like 1081 Deli in Hunts Point are offering options like whole wheat bread for sandwiches, water stocked on shelves closer to the entrance, and baskets of fresh fruits on the counter top.

The move is part of the Shop Healthy program, which makes healthier food options available to Bronx residents.

Some locals say they have already lost some weight. Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Travis also said that if community members see the sign about healthier food options, about half are likely to purchase the advertised healthy option.

When Shop Healthy first started in the Bronx, healthy food and drink options accounted for only 8 percent of inventory. A year later, healthy options account for 45 percent.