(12/03/07) THE BRONX &舑; Residents of an apartment building designed to house the sick and disabled say they&舗;re forced to walk to the post office for their mail.

The distance from 194-196 Brown Place to the post office is 3 ½ blocks. That may not sound too far, but for building residents, it can be. Some suffer from severe asthma, others from HIV. For those residents, getting to the post office is more than just a minor hassle.

&舠;I have been HIV positive for 16 years,&舡; says resident Michael Conner. &舠;&舰; Sometimes you wake up and you have no energy to even get out of bed.&舡;

Building representatives say the situation boils down to the apartments being designated as shelters when they were first opened. According to building management, the problem lies entirely with the post office.

News 12 contacted representatives of the United States Postal Service. A spokesperson says because the building is publicly funded, only bulk mail can be delivered there. It would then be up to building representatives to sort it.

However, building officials say they don&舗;t work for the post office and don&舗;t want to be responsible for lost mail. They say they&舗;re going to work on getting the building&舗;s designation changed.