KINGSBRIDGE HEIGHTS - A Bronx resident says a sinkhole near the Kingsbridge Armory has gotten deeper and more dangerous over the last year and that up until now, his calls to 311 have gone unanswered.

Ramon Gonzalez says more than a year ago he called 311 about a sinkhole the size of a brick.  He says it has since grown to more than double the original size.

After News 12 The Bronx reached out to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), it said it sent a crew out to secure the area and set up a barricade.

Gonzalez says he believes the sinkhole and several borrow-like holes near the armory?s fence are connected.  He says he thinks the borrows are housing an army of large rats.

The DEP says it is investigating the borrow-like holes as well as the sinkhole.