THE BRONX - Residents living in the Longwood area are criticizing a local slaughterhouse for allegedly disposing of animal waste in an improper manner and not dealing with the stench.

Neighbors who live in the vicinity of a livestock business called Musa's Live Poultry 2, located at 1262 Westchester Ave., say animals sometimes sit for hours on the sidewalk in front of the store. They also say the area in front of the business isn't properly cleaned. Neighbors claim the store's employees simply pour water over animal feces, which then flows down the street.

"In the morning, they have hundreds of chickens stacked out there," says neighbor Ebony Jones. "It's feathers, it's feces, it's blood running down the sidewalk."

The owner of Musa's Live Poultry 2 declined to comment on the situation. News 12 The Bronx was told, however, that the store passed every inspection by the Department of Agriculture.