THE BRONX - For those traveling during the New Year's weekend, some smartphone apps can make the trip a bit smoother.

During the winter months, travelers can face frozen runways, mounting snow and plenty of delays. 'Gate Guru,' an app for Apple and Android phones, can help those traveling navigate unfamiliar airports. The app maps out food, coffee, shopping and other amenities closest to a gate. It also includes tips and reviews from other travelers.

The 'Travel Nerd' app has similar features but comes equipped with an overview of ground transportation options to and from the airport.

The 'Hotel Tonight' app helps travelers stuck due to weather-related delays and cancellations. The app helps travelers make last-minute plans with deeply discounted same-day or night bookings in about a dozen major cities.

'Just Landed,' an iPhone-only app, helps those picking travelers up when to leave for the airport.