THE BRONX - Some Bronx residents say a new online game about the swine flu is offensive and promotes carelessness in preventing the spread of germs.

"I guess whoever made this thought it was funny, but this will offend a lot of people," Chris Miller, of the Bronx, says.

The description of the free game, which is on, encourages players to "Stop Swine Flu" by covering sneezes and coughs, but once inside the actual program, the goal of the game is to spread swine flu to as many people as possible. There are different point values allotted for different victims: five points for infecting children, 10 for adults and 15 points for spreading the virus to seniors.

Miniclip claims the game was funded by a biomedical research charity with the intent of illustrating the spread of swine flu to kids. Some high school students asked to play the game by News 12 The Bronx say facts about swine flu and flu prevention popped up during the game and they learned some new information about the virus.

One Bronx resident says the game should be viewed as an alternative education tool. He says it's easier to communicate with kids and teens using computer games, rather than bland pamphlets.