SOUNDVIEW - A city proposal to build more affordable housing in Soundview is increasing fears of overcrowding among some residents.

The New York City Housing Authority says it is in the early planning stages of selling a piece of property near the Soundview Houses. A private developer will, in turn, create 200 rental units and 18 two-family townhouses. Officials from NYCHA expect to have a developer chosen by December.

Critics of the proposal claim the city is trying to pack as many people into the Soundview community without increasing city services. The Soundview Tenant Association claims schools will be overcrowded with the influx of new children to the area. There are additional concerns as to whether the area is adequately prepared to offer police and fire protection.

NYCHA says 60 percent of the units will be designated for low-income families. The organization also plans to give senior citizens a 25 percent preference rate to move into the new spaces.