THE BRONX - A local group is continuing its fight against a new multimillion-dollar deal that would bring online grocer FreshDirect to the South Bronx.

Members of South Bronx Unite (SBU) are putting forth a motion to renew a portion of the original case that was dismissed last month. The group tried suing FreshDirect to prevent the company from building a distribution center in Port Morris before its case was thrown out of court.

The 28-acre site that Fresh Direct wants to use to build its facility is currently being leased by the Harlem River Railyard Ventures/Gillessie Group. Under the terms of the lease drafted by the state Department of Transportation, the land must be used in a way that benefits the community. SBU claims the carbon footprint FreshDirect will leave behind, with more than 1,000 truck deliveries every day, will damage the local environment.

SBU wants the courts to reevaluate FreshDirect’s environmental credibility before it gets $127 million in funding for its new facility.

“It is unfortunate that a vocal minority continues to try to delay a project that will bring thousands of jobs to the South Bronx and make it easier for people to get fresh food," FreshDirect released in a statement. "A court has already ruled unequivocally that our environmental review was legal and rejected the other side’s arguments out of hand. We are moving forward with our plans to build our facility and look forward to setting up shop in the Bronx.”

Community Board 1 is meeting with members of the online grocery store tonight at 6 p.m. Community members are invited to attend.