LONGWOOD - After years of complaints about speeding cars, the city yielded to the demands of the community and installed four speed bumps in Longwood over the weekend.

The decision comes less than a month after local residents criticized the Deparmtent of Transportation for dragging its feet on installing speed bumps on Dawson Street and on the other side of Bill Rainey Park on Beck Street.

Community Board 2 member Jerry Castro says the new speed bumps will make the area?s nickname, ?NASCAR,? outdated.

But not everyone in the neighborhood is celebrating the new safety measures. Some residents claim the speed bumps are not tall enough to make cars slow down.

?The bumps are too wide and not lumpy enough,? says Victor Carrasquito. ?Cars are still speeding when the children come out of school.?

While Castro recognizes the speed bumps could have been more effective if they were bigger and if there was more of them, he calls the installation of the first four an excellent start.