PARKCHESTER - Residents in Parkchester want answers as to why there are two signs on the same road showing different speed limits.

The conflicting signs are posted on Starling and Castle Hill avenues and drivers say it's causing confusion. One sign reads 25 mph while the other says 20 mph, making drivers question what is the real speed limit.

News 12 The Bronx received a number of complaints about the matter. It turns out the Parkchester street is part of a neighborhood slow zone. The community-based program is used to help reduce speed through the area from 25 mph to 20 mph. However, many found having the two signs near each other a problem.

Department of Transportation officials were made aware of the situation Friday and sent out traffic operation crews to replace the signs. Now both signs read 20 mph.

DOT officials say in the future if you see two differing speed limit signs, you should always choose to adhere to the lower speed limit.