THE BRONX - A recent spike in shootings in the Bronx has pushed this year's crime statistics higher than in 2013. 

Five people were shot in four separate incidents in the borough Tuesday. According to the NYPD, that’s five more shooting victims than at this same time last year. 

The recent victims include a 21-year-old man who was shot in the leg at 711 Magenta Ave. Two men were shot less than two hours earlier on Eastburn Avenue. One was hit in the chest, and the other in the back. 

Bullets were also flying in Melrose where a 20-year-old was shot in the buttocks at 391 East 153rd St. The fifth victim was wounded in the leg in Baychester. All five victims are recovering in the hospital. 

Despite the rise in shootings, the Bronx has had fewer year-to-date incidents in nearly every other crime category.