THE BRONX - State Assemblyman Michael Benedetto has introduced a bill to outlaw children under 14 from playing tackle football.

"Even if they want to practice tackling do it on practice dummies," said Benedetto. "Let them learn all the skills but wait until their bodies have developed."

Some don't think the ban is the right solution to preventing these injuries. Coach Lance Ramer teaches his players how to avoid head injuries by tackling the correct way.

He says that if passed, the legislation could do more harm than good. "I think it could hurt kids because all of a sudden they get to 14 and they're bigger they're stronger and all of a sudden they're using their force even more," Ramer said.

Although Assemblyman Benedetto doesn't have much support for the bill in the New York State Assembly, he says he will keep fighting for its passage and plans to reintroduce it every year until it becomes a law.