THE BRONX - The state budget deal reached last week between lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo allocates $97 million to redevelop the Sheridan Expressway in the South Bronx.

"That's a game changer for us in the borough of the Bronx," says Assemblyman Marcos Crespo. "We want our young people to have access to this neighborhood, to have access to the park, and this will finally provide that to them."

For years, the four-lane expressway limited access between residential South Bronx areas and the revitalized Bronx River waterfront.

The new plan will add pedestrian crossings, narrow the roadway and create space for new development.

It calls for turning the highway into a boulevard lined with commercial and residential buildings.

The plan also calls for exploring the possibility of adding exit ramps to the Bruckner Expressway, which would allow box trucks to access the Hunts Point Food Distribution Center without driving through the neighborhood.