THE BRONX - Money doesn’t grow on trees - but the New York State Comptroller’s office says it could be hidden in a forgotten bank account or in a hard-to-find rebate.

The office is holding an event all week at Community Board 12 to help residents find out if they have unclaimed funds hiding out in financial nooks and crannies.  The comptroller’s office even managed to find some unclaimed money for Community Board 12 itself.

Representatives from the comptroller’s office says the money could be from tax returns, from forgotten bank accounts or from insurance rebates that residents didn’t know about.

The largest payout of unclaimed funds last year for one Bronx resident amounted to more than $268,000, according to the comptroller’s office.

For those that can’t make it to Community Board 12 in person this week, the comptroller’s website also has an option to search for unclaimed funds.